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IN THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY, to improve vehicle safety and reduce fuel consumption, manufacturing of lightweight body parts from ultrahigh-strength steels (UHSS) is rapidly increasing. Forming of UHSS at room temperature is limited by low formability and considerable springback. Therefore, hot stamping is accepted as a viable alternative solution and widely used

The most hot forming parts in a car – Source Volvo


“Hot stamping is a non-isothermal forming process for sheet metals, where forming and quenching take place in the same forming step”. This process takes advantage of low flow stress of boron alloyed steel (22MnB5) in austenitic phase at elevated temperature and allows the manufacturing of parts with ultrahigh strength, minimum spring back, and reduced sheet thickness.

We offer

Hot Forming Furnace

Hot Forming tool inserts


  • Design including layout planning and robot studies
  • Customized level of automation
  • Independent from press supplier
  • Fully prepared for remote control
  • Complete interlinking of press, furnace, feeders, loading / unloading stations and robots
  • Own design of grippers
  • Complete electric design and software design
  • SCADA system for storage of production dates


Linear Automation from BENTELER

Know – How

  • One of the Market Leader in the hot forming technology
  • Deep experience in complete line commissioning
  • Operating hot stamping line worldwide
  • Extremely Comprehensive project management expertise
  • Launch support for the production process
  • Hot forming Service footprints: USA, Mexico,Europe , China , India and Far east