HOLIFA , metal forming lubricants

HOLIFA can offer and provide chlorine containing Fine blanking oils as well as chlorine-free Fine blanking oil for any application in the sheet metal forming business and especially for all Fine blanking processes and customers.

-To protect the environment and workers health, HOLIFA always recommends to use chlorine-free oils which now a day can lead to best results if used in combination with the right tool coating.

Formed in 1948 Holifa started its activity by production and distribution of metal forming lubricants for the growing wire industry located in the near domestic area. In 1950 it started its production and distribution of metal forming lubricants for the sheet metal industry

1973 it started its official cooperation with the Swiss company FEINTOOL which developed a new and innovative technique FINE BLANKING. HOLIFA developed the first suitable Fine blanking oils for this new technique. In 2008, HOLIFA developed a NEW generation Chlorine free oil with outstanding properties.

Over 45 years it HOLIFA is serving Fine blanking industry globally with efficient lubricating oils.


How to choose the right Fine blanking Oil

The following information are necessary to enable lubricant specialists to recommend the right Fine blanking oil

  • exact type of material (carbon steel, alloyed steel, stainless steel, aluminum)
  • Thickness and tensile strength of material
  • Geometry of resulting parts and estimation of degree of difficulty
  • Lubricant application system
  • Cleaning system and storage time before washing after blanking
  • Tool coating

Strategical aspects and attitude to environmental aspects


Case Study 1

Example for application of chlorine-free Fineblanking oils like HOLIFA VP 1127

For standard applications like blanking of brake pads or other part of medium to high degrees of difficulties chlorine-free Fineblanking oil solutions are existing for more than 10 years now. Our HOLIFA VP 1127 is one of these oils providing very good performance.

-For extreme Fineblanking operations with very high degrees of difficulty (thickness >10 mm, very complicated geometry or stainless-steel parts) these “standard chlorine-free oils” were not strong enough.